Project Mess is a rock ‘n’ roll band from Southern New Hampshire , since 1992.

The bands Name derives from the original drummer Chris Messier (MESS) who passed of a heart attack at a show in 2005. He lives on through us, his friends &  brothers in rock..

Our general performance area is Southern New Hampshire & Massachusetts.

The band consists of 6 members/ 4 active.

  • Dave Dillavou on Bass Guitar and Vocals
  • Greg Thomas on Guitar & Vocals
  • Phil Plant on Guitar & Lead Vocals
  • Jim Turmel on Drums & Vocals (some shows & back-up)
  • Jeff Rossignol on Guitar & Vocals
  • Seth Cedars on Drums

Most  band members each have over 35 years experience in music and live performance and we want to bring this to your stage!

 Our song selection varies from the late 60s-through the 21st century.

We try and play music that people know and love from any age group.


Project Mess Band Established 1992 , Line up, per year as follows.

  • 1992 Chris Messier-Jim & Dave Dillavou
  • 1993 Chris Messier-Jim & Dave Dillavou-John Dion
  • 1997 Chris Messier-Jim & Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas
  • 1999 Chris Messier-Jim & Dave Dillavou-Phil Plant
  • 2003 Chris Messier- Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant
  • 2003 Chris Messier- Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant-Al Gregory
  • 2004 Chris Messier- Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant
  • 2005 Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant-Jesse Carrier
  • 2006  Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant-Jesse Carrier-Ivy
  • 2008 Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant-James Turmel-Ivy
  • 2010-2012  Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant-James Turmel
  • 2012-Present  Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant-James Turmel-Jeff Rossignol
  • 2013-Present back-up drummer Dennis Griffen & guitar players Jim Dillavou & Dan Mckeon
  • 2014 Back-up Drummer Ray Lavigne
  • 2015 Seth Cedars Drummer added to mix
  • 2016 Dave Dillavou-Greg Thomas-Phil Plant-James Turmel / Seth Cedars